Taylor Forbes Ltd

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Only hollow ware known is waffle irons.

The Taylor-Forbes Company was founded in Guelph in 1902 by John and Adam Taylor and George Forbes on the former site of Allan’s Mills on the east bank of the Speed River. The company was comprised of the former A.R. Woodyatt and Company business and Guelph Malleable Iron Works and soon became one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of lawn mowers and general hardware.

Taylor-Forbes went through a name change (unsure as to why yet) around 1934.

Irons marked “TAYLOR-FORBES CO LTD” would likely date somewhere between 1910 and 1934.
Irons marked “TAYLOR-FORBES LTD” should date between 1934 and the foundry sell in 1950.
It should be noted that some irons have a large gap between the FORBES and the LTD – one can assume the CO was removed from the pattern at some point in 1934 to reflect the name change. At some point, the pattern would have been reworked to close the gap – then we see “TAYLOR-FORBES LTD”.

That’s about as good as it gets.

Taylor-Forbes waffle iron