FX Drolet

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Trained mechanic, François-Xavier Drolet (1849-1924) , opened a small machine shop on the Rue des Fosses in Quebec City in 1875. ingenious man, he invented and developed a variety of products that will ensure a certain notoriety Step outside of the city limits and even Quebec . In 1909 the new plant was located near the St. Charles River and owned a machine shop (industrial repair), a construction workshop (manufacture of lift ), a metals smelting workshop and a shipyard ( ship repair).

The workforce at its plant grew rapidly : the number of employees increased from about 25 in the late 1880s to 50 in 1901 and 60 in 1906. In May 1913, François-Xavier Drolet establishes a corporation named F.-X. company Drolet . On the death of François-Xavier Drolet, in 1924, the son of the founder, Gaudias , Arthur and Emile took over before handing in turn the company to their son . During the two world wars, the FX Drolet company manufactured ammunition and conditioned shells . Subsequently, the company has specialized in the manufacture of water and wastewater products. FX Drolet The company remained in the family until the mid- 1960s Drolet As for the name , synonymous with quality, it is still used as a signature of some elevators, water supply and sewage products as well as combustion stoves controlled



Now one bean pot doesn’t make a hollow ware manufacturer, but it is a neat piece of history.