T. Eaton Ltd

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It’s uncertain if T. Eaton was a hollow ware maker, but companies like McClary and possibly James Smart made items for them. As for the age, not sure.

There is this however, from 1920. They did sell Guelph Stove models in the 1920 fall catalog.

Stove Foundry Enlargement at Guelph.—The T. Eaton Company, of Toronto, who have acquired the plant and business of the Guelph Stove Company, will add a considerable extension to the foundry. Architect W. A. Mahoney, of 72 Quebec Street, Guelph, has prepared plans for the same.

And this from 1919:

THE T. Eaton Co., Toronto, with branches in various parts of Canada, have purchased the Guelph Stove Company, Ltd., Guelph, Ont. The deal, it is understood, was put through on Thursday of last week and the new owners are now in charge of the plant and the business will be continued without any interruption. The purchase of the property and plant situated on York Road also involves the Guelph Stove Co.’s old premises on Paisley street, which have been lying idle since the new plant was put into operation in 1912. It is understood that the new owners willgreatly increase the capacity of the plant as soon as possible, and that approximately $100,000 will be expended on extensions and improvements. The purchase of the plant and property also includes all the patent rights owned by the company. It will continue to be known as the Guelph Stove Co., Ltd.

from 1908 – they definitely did make nickel plate:

The Guelph Stove Co. has been one of the first foundries in the country to open their works this year. They only stopped molding on the Saturday before Christmas, the rest of the factory working till New Year’s, when they closed down for stock-taking. They opened up the nickel department today, and expect to open up the rest of the   departments in a few days, on the eight hour day system. The travelers are going over the new lines which they
are placing on the market for this year’s trade, and they expect to start out on the beginning of February. Among their new lines is a special steel range.

We find skillets marked on the bottom with Eatonia and by that declaration – many of the internets foundry lists name it as a foundry in Canada. This however isn’t the case, it’s part of Eaton. “Eatonia” is also a small town in the Province of Saskatchewan named for T. Eaton, established in 1921. I thought this may be a lead, but checking Eaton catalogs, Eatonia shows up as a brand of Eaton’s as early as 1907. I don’t have any earlier catalogs so I can’t say it’s earlier or not.

Lets compare handles of the basic T. Eaton skillet. The bare T. Eaton number 5 is marked X108, indicating the maker to be McClary Manufacuring. The plated skillet however remains unmarked with the X and 3 numbers. The skillets are identical, the number 5 on the handles is near identical. Now knowing that Eaton bought the Guelph Stove Company, I wonder if they bought the patterns and made their own hollow ware from then on. They would have had the means to do so.

T. Eaton skillet handles