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I am going to be stepping back from cast iron for a while due to recovering from serious illness. If you send an email and don’t get a reply, that would be why. In the meantime, join the facebook groups. They are being maintained by other knowledgeable people so feel free to join and show what you have.

Cast Iron Canada group.  Main discussion group for identification.
Cast Iron Canada Blue Book Values.  Discussions about cast iron pricing.
Cast Iron Canada Buy and Sell. Of course, buy/sell/trade anything cast iron.

There are the only 3 groups on Facebook that are associated with the website of https://castironcanada.com. Any other groups that carry the name “Cast Iron Canada” on facebook are not associated with us, if you get incorrect information from these groups…

Canadian cast iron hollow ware is poorly documented, and this is what castironcanada.com is all about. It is an “attempt” to decipher logos, time frames, makers marks etc. This hasn’t been an easy task, years of reading different articles and journals and still we’re only able to scratch the surface. Bear with me as I put this site together. Once again, it’s an attempt to break some of the code, not a guarantee. I love my Canadian Cast Iron cookware, it rivals Griswold and other US manufacturers.

Lots of new and unknown examples of Canadian hollow ware have shown up in the last couple of years, but there is much more missing. There is a serious lack of iron in Canada, so far over 200 stove manufacturers are known to exist and at least an additional 100 that made hollow ware. Where is all the iron? Many of these hollow ware manufacturers have zero examples to go by – and this is the reason your pictures are so important. If you have any iron that is marked or unmarked, please forward some good detailed pictures to admin@castironcanada.com.

Many of the web pages on the main site are going to be articles clipped from catalogs or journals that were found online – if you feel something is posted in error, please feel free to let the admin know. I am trying my best to NOT reproduce without clear links to the original, but I may miss a few. If you see pictures that you took of your own cookware – many of the pictures that are shown have been obtained through google images. They are on the public domain but can be removed/replaced if you feel I’ve overstepped copyright limits.

To any http://Kijiji.ca users that I have contacted looking for extra pictures, thank you so much for understanding and helping me out. To those that have responded to my cross Canada ads requesting pictures, thank you very much to you as well – People have been wonderful and helpful. There have been many surprises so far and I hope for more. Keep the pictures coming, only with information and pictures to compare can these old historical pieces of cast iron be brought back to light.

The forum has been disabled, not enough people using it and too many spam bots signing up.

Thanks for dropping by.

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