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“Made In Canada” – yet another ideal that needs to be put to rest…

Many Canadian collectors still use the 1960 ideal of “Made In USA” and apply it to Canada, you can’t. Please stop propagating that incorrect information. It’s understood where the information comes from but it’s still incorrect. Some US collectors claim there was a law passed in 1960 dictating that manufacturers stamp any products with “Made in USA” – but no such law can be found and if you know of this exact law, I would like to read it.

In Canada, very early 1900’s there was a big push on for Canadian made products, and to show they were Canadian. It wasn’t a law, but fully voluntary. In 1911, some toy manufacturers stamped a maple leaf and “Made in Canada” on products. Shipping boxes for export were inked “Made in Canada” etc. It was purely voluntary of course but interesting none the less. When did hollow ware manufacturers start stamping “made in Canada“? Unsure, but don’t try to date it to the 60’s. Findlay for example marked their old stoves Carleton Place, Ontario from the start.

For example, General Steel Wares came to life in 1927 but in the early 1930’s McClary Manufacturing started making cast iron cookware for them under the “Monarch” trademark – and for anyone that has actually seen these pieces, they are marked “Made In Canada”.

A clipping from 1911: Amongst the new goods added by the Taylor Forbes Co., Guelph, to their big line of “Made in Canada” hardware, are the following : New styles of steel pulleys, window latches and catches, drawer pulls, door locks, bumpers and cobbler’s outfits.

Made In Canada

So there you have it.