General Steel Wares

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In October, 1927, General Steel Wares was born through the merger of the following companies:

– the McClary Manufacturing Company of London, Ontario (founded 1847)
– Sheet Metal Products (SMP) Company of Canada Limited of Toronto (founded 1867)
– Thomas Davidson Manufacturing Company Limited of Montreal (founded 1858)
– E. T. Wright Limited of Hamilton (founded 1881)
– A. Aubry et fils Limitée of Montreal (founded 1874)
– The Happy Thought Foundry Company of Brantford (founded 1855)

Interesting note: It’s always been assumed that Thos Davidson was a stand alone company that merged with other companies to form General Steel Wares. But McClary Manufacturing bought out Thos Davidson in September of 1927 – the merger took place a month later.

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