Charles Fawcett Mfg.

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The Maritime Provinces have every reason to be proud of the large stove, range and furnace factory of the Charles Fawcett Mfg. Co., Sackville, N.B. The bright, clean, well-equipped factory is the result of over half a century of striving towards perfection. Not one detail of modern factory comfort has been overlooked. A glance at the picture reproduced will give some idea of the proportions of the premises. The warerooms are commodious and bright and extend over an area of 300×60 feet and three storeys in height. Tastefully disposed throughout are the various products of the factory, including an immense line of highly-finished steel and cast ranges, cook stoves, parlor and heating stoves, especially adapted to all kinds of fuel ; new and improved hot air furnaces, portable or brick set, for heating and ventilating buildings of every description Then, added to these, are Fawcett’s patent portable farmers’ boilers, plow eastings, sinks, hollow ware, etc.

The foundry is one of the finest in Canada. It is light and clean, and the molding work is done under the most favorable circumstances. The business was founded over fifty years ago by the late Charles Fawcett, and the sequence of life is proven by the fact that his two sons, Messrs. Charles and Horace, with Fred Ryan, are the active
directors and managers in a stock cornpany to-day which was established six years ago. Careful supervision of the work by the owners has a potent force in making towards excellent workmanship, and the products of the Fawcett Company are all backed by a guarantee.

No better assurance can, be given of merit than this one fact. The trade now extends from ocean to ocean, and their western business is well attended to by warehouses at Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Charles Fawcett Mfg. Co. exists no more – The Charles Fawcett, Ltd., has been incorporated in 1911 at Sackville, N.B., with a capital stock of $500,000, to take over business of Charles Fawcett Mfg. Co. They manufacture stoves, ranges, boilers, lavatories, baths, basins, etc.