Enterprise Foundry

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Enterprise Foundry, begun in 1872 by the Dominion Foundry Company, is an industrial site located close to the railway station and the former Sackville wharf. After a devastating fire in 1908, the plant was rebuilt with splendid new brick buildings, and the most up-to-date machinery.

In 1888, the company was sold to W. Shives Fisher and R.B. Emerson,and became known as the Enterprise Foundry Company. In 1905, the oldest son Fred A. Fisher became superintendent of the plant, while the other sons D.S. Fisher and C.M.P. Fisher joined the company in 1911 and 1912. They returned after the First World War to work well into the 1970s along with members of the third generation of the Fisher family. By 1962, Enterprise Foundry was considered to be the largest privately owned and second largest Canadian owned Stove Company in Canada. In 1984, the assets of Enterprise Foundry and Enamel and Heating Products Limited (formerly Fawcett Foundry) were combined and became Enterprise Fawcett, still in business today.

Any Enterprise Foundry piece I’ve seen has a stamp like this with 4 numbers molded into the parts – hollow ware and stoves included.

Enterprise Foundry makers mark