Canada Foundries and Forgings

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Taken from Canadian Foundryman 1916

As a producer of a wide range of finished and semi-finished goods, Canada Foundries and Forgings, Limited, occupies a position of present prominence, with all the promise of future potentiality to ‘be derived from the various plants, which, previous to their acquisition by this company. had already established themselves as permanent members of Canada’s manufacturing community.

Canada Foundries and Forgings, Ltd., was incorporated in 1912, when it took over the properties of The James Smart Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Brockville: The Canada Forge Co.. Ltd., Welland, and Canadian Billings Spencer, Ltd., Welland. all situated in Ontario, and enjoying established reputations as first rank producers in their respective lines. While sharing in the depression of 1913 and
1914, the outbreak of hostilities and the subsequent readjustments of world trade have maintained the various plants in a hitherto unprecedented state of productive activity. These three plants, by virtue of their community of interests and progressively related products, form a unit which, from a manufacturing standpoint, possesses an envious range of products adapted to a wide market both at home and abroad. Thus it is that while much of the activity has been due to the requirements of semi-manufactured products for war purposes, there has arisen at the same time an ever-increasing demand for many lines of hardware for domestic consumption and export.

As a result of it, the present tide of prosperity, the various plants have attained a high degree of excellence in equipment which
augers well for their successful participation in the future world trade. The James Smart Manufacturing Co. has been in existence
over 60 years, and manufactures stoves, furnaces, ranges, hot air generators, lawn mowers, hammers, axes and tools of a similar character, including all lines of hardware. Next in seniority is the Canada Forge Co., with a record of eleven years’ active production of high grade machinery forgings, such as crank shafts, generator and motor shafts, marine forgings, large engine parts, and many similar lines.

Canadian Billings & Spencer commenced operations two years later as a branch establishment of the Billings & Spencer Co., Hartford, Conn. This plant specializes on drop forging work of all sizes and descriptions, much of its product being of a finished nature, such as wrenches, turnbuckles, eyebolts, clamps, lathe dogs, etc., thus covering much of the ground intermediate between the two first mentioned plants, while the product of the three plants together finds outlets in almost every line of industry and commerce, from large engineering shops, building mammoth machines, to the smallest hardware store selling wrenches, hand hammers, axes, and domestic hardware.

The office of the holding company is situated at Brockville in the eastern part of the Province of Ontario.