A. Laidlaw and Co

Adam Laidlaw and Co.

Adam Laidlaw received a common school education in Scotland. At the age of sixteen, he left school and apprenticed himself to the carpenter and building business, in the small town of Oxnam, in the employ of the late Robert Huggan, Esq., a large builder and contractor of that place, and a most respected citizen. After remaining here for seven years, Mr. Laidlaw left the employ of Mr. Huggan, and, in the year 1856, sailed for Canada. He proceeded to Hamilton, and commenced his trade, working at the same until the year 1866, when he was chosen manager of the Hamilton Co-operative store. In this position he remained until 1869, when he retired and entered the foundry business in partnership with William Turnbull, Esq., of Hamilton, in the Mary Street Foundry, doing business under the name of Turnbull & Co. The partnership continued until 1874, when Mr. Turnbull retired and Mr. Laidlaw continued the business under the name of A. Laidlaw & Co. In 1878, Mr. Laidlaw admitted as partner, Mr. John G. Bowes, when the firm became known as Laidlaw, Bowes & Co. In 1884, Mr. Bowes retired and Mr. Laidlaw at once organised a Joint Stock Company, under the name of Laidlaw Manufacturing Company, Mr. Laidlaw occupying the position of vice-president and manager. This Company manufactures all kinds of stoves, hot air furnaces, hollow ware, and castings; is the only one in the country that manufacturers enamelled wares, and is most favourably known throughout the Dominion.


So that explains 3 companies Adam was involved in.

The following piece showed up for sale on Ebay, classed as a yankee bowl. It’s not a typical America yankee bowl, not the best pics but dates from 1874 to 1878.